Just like Vanilla Ice once said “stopcollaborate and listen.”

You + Us

If you have a spot that you would like us to be at (anything from a brewery/distillery, restaurant, to a catered gig). Reach out to us because we’re open to opportunities.

preferred accommodations:


  • We are insured and permitted (business license to food safety/ServSafe certified) for events in Denver county.


  • We are able to work 98% independent of your venue because all of our product is produced in a commissary (a commercial kitchen). The last 2% is listed below as optional).
  • We are a fully equipped kitchen with our own containers, steam pans, meat slicers, and stove tops, burners, and thermalizers.
  • Electric equipment requires 6-15/20 connectors (250v).
  • Potable water.


  • EDIT (AS OF 10/11/19): we are primarily doing a minimum of a 3-day pop-up with a preference for longer-term pop-ups (1 week to ongoing).


  • Room to set-up our 10×10 canopy – and any additional space would be very much appreciated.
  • Space to plant our 15′ flag.
  • Allowance for the use of either our burners and electric based equipment which require a 208/240V (6-15/20p plug) or an area to safely operate two 55,000 BTU propane burners.


  • Temporary refrigeration space (cases of noodles to additional soup stock).
  • Ice (used for our coolers).
  • Power (we can go either full propane or electric/propane).
  • WIFI (Words With Friends can’t wait).


Going tiny is a good thing.

Tell anybody you want to start a restaurant, and you’ll probably hear “why don’t you do a food truck.” Well, that might sound like the only option although in coastal cities from coast to coast, it is becoming more and more common place to see not only pop-ups but dedicated events such as the 626 Night Market (in the OC, LA, to the Bay Area attracting upwards of 100k attendees) to New York’s JapanFes.


We unfortunately sold out in a less than an hour (over 160+ servings), but it resulted in one of Prost’s busiest Wednesdays – we also need to say thank you to everybody who was patient enough to wait.

This was our inaugural event at Prost Brewery in downtown Denver. The event was definitely a learning experience because the turn-out far exceeded our expectations, and I hope our future efforts will reflect the improvements we put in place due to this first event.

If it weren’t for our amazing staff, NONE of this would be even possible (positive attitudes also make a world of difference).

Nagoya style mazemen (soupless ramen)

A lot of planning has to go into events, and for this event we had to switch up our menu with an item never offered in Colorado before which is a Nagoya style mazement made famous by the Japanese chain Menya Hanabi.

We collaborated with pushing a joint menu of our mazemen and Kobe An’s matcha soft-serve and in-house umehsu. Three menu items that are very Japanesel, and you will only find it at a traditional Japanese restaurant.

Switching form one day only events to an extended period will allow us to “settle in” and to get things locked down because like with any new restaurant, it can take some time to get things ironed out from service to the taste and preparation of menu items.


If you have any questions or you have a venue, please drop us a message.