Greg Taniguchi started off as an industrial design student to owning and operating one of the first import tuner shops in the S.F. Bay Area, but that was him just getting started.

  • Owned one of the first import tuner shops in the SF Bay Area called Racer X in San Jose.
  • First Z.Speed, Skunkworks, and Skunk2 dealer.
  • Defined and refined the Gibson Performance brand.
  • Put the once reclusive Skunk2 brand on the map and on a path to success.
  • Developed the Axial racing brand.
  • Defined and differentiated the Race Technologies brand from Brembo.

He later went into graphic and web design, a short stint as a sushi chef, to the last couple of decades in the automotive aftermarket in Los Angeles developing and building performance and motorsport brands: Gibson, Skunk2, Brembo Performance/Racing, and Sabelt. Although there was still one more thing he had always wanted to do, that is to cook (and eat although he’s got that down). #yolo

Most recently I was the Marketing Director for RT which was the Official Partner to Brembo Performance, Brembo Racing, and Sabelt.

Mission Statement

To share the experience of authentic Japanese ramen that embraces local ingredients and tastes, but also adheres to the traditions, styles, and the experience of being in a ramen-ya in Japan (meaning, being tasty AF while also being affordable/inclusive).

Vision Statement

To be able to empower and work with local producers, chefs, and other talents to highlight all that Colorado has to offer in a uniquely authentic Japanese way. Our food would reflect washoku style cuisine that emphasizes the natural flavors and quality of the ingredients while being accessible and inclusive to a broad audience (basically, a place for the average Joe, Jane, Jose, Jiro, to Jahar).

“You Should Start a Restaurant”

Greg had brushed off that comment from friends for decades because not everybody should listen to their friends. If they all did, you would see a lot more of them infamously appearing on American Idol which is why Greg was more critical of his cooking skills/knowledge regardless of what anybody had told him. Failure in the kitchen did not have the upside of being able to profit from a ringtone which is partially why he put off his dreams for almost seventeen years. Although, being the passionate person he is, here he is today, and he just needs you to vote him on through (yea, still using the American Idol references).


  • Oishii-Desu which means “it’s delicious” in Japanese is a blog about Japanese food and culture on the West Coast.
  • 303nightmarket: putting out the idea in Colorado to anybody and everybody.