Our “Massive” End of Summer Pop-up Event

We’re not going to go out like that (with a sold out event leaving people hanging), so we have a 2-day event planned to end the summer right

Marco T. of Kobe An and Greg T. of Taniguchi Ramen are collaborating together to finish off the summer the right way with a 2-day event filled with some tsukemen, umeshu, and matcha soft-serve.

The dates

October 6-7th which is Sunday (12-9pm) and Monday (5-10pm).


Sunday: open to all, but this will be a first come, first serve event with a limited amount of servings although we are planning for 4-5x’s the size of our previous event with longer hours.
Monday: a ticketed event with set times and your order will be guaranteed, and we will be announcing additional details soon.


Kobe An LoHi: 3400 Osage St, Denver, CO 80211


Kobe An LoHi: Facebook / Instagram / www.kobeandenver.com

Kobe an event menu

Full Kobe An menu available on Sunday, plus these event specials

Matcha (green tea) Soft-serve with azuki (red bean).$5
Spicy Plum Shot with house made and Choya umeshu 梅酒 $6 for one
$10 for two

Taniguchi ramen event menu

Tsukemen (ramen dipping noodles)

The Special Tsukemen: a 16+ hour tonkotsu gyokai double soup stock (pork bone and chicken stock), ramen noodles, negi (green onions), ninniku (minced garlic), kamaboko (fish cake), menma (bamboo shoots), kikurage (wood ear mushroom), nori (toasted seaweed), braised chashu (pork belly), and a side of lime.$9
Go H.A.M. Tsukemen: the same as above, but with extra braised chashu and the signature ramen topping, an ajitama (soy-sauce based marinated/cured soft-boiled egg).$12

Mazemen (brothless ramen noodles)

Carbonara” Style Mazemen (Monday event only): ramen noodles (brothless), our blend of flavoring, egg, black pepper, and braised chashu. $7
Deluxe Mazemen, ramen noodles, house blend, and these toppings: negi (green onion), ninniku (minced garlic), kizami nori (julienned toasted seaweed), ajitama (soy-sauce based marinated/cured soft-boiled egg), and braised chashu (pork belly). $9

Additional Toppings

Minced garlicFree
Menma (bamboo shoots)$1.00
Ajitama (soft-boiled marinated/cure egg)$1.50
Additional serving of ramen noodles$2.00
Spicy takana (pickled mustard greens)$1.50
Chashu (5 slices of braised pork belly)$3.95
The Full Spread: negi, menma, spicy takana, kikurage, nori (3 sheets), and chashu (3 pieces).$4.30

Menu subject to change


Plus additional product shots (who doesn’t like to know exactly what they are paying for).


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