We had planned for 120 servings of tsukemen and 130 servings of mazemen (soupless noodles). Unfortunately, we sold out of the tsukemen in less than an hour which caused a huge backlog of orders. Not to mention, we took in 150+ orders (we could have done upwards of 180-200), so we had to make refunds because of our mistake in which we tried to compensate with free salads and mazemen for the people we inconvenienced.

we would also like to thank our vendors and our host, prost

None of this would not have been possible without them bending over backwards and having to deal with our last minute orders, or being such gracious and welcoming hosts.

what is in the works

From what was learned from this event, this is what will be addressed:

  • Increasing product: we were totally caught off guard with the anticipated amount of guests, so the next event, we will make sure that we: 1. have more than double that amount, or 2. devise some sort of system along the lines of pre-sold tickets?
  • Improving turnaround times or regulating the ordering process (managing wait and ordering times).
  • New bowls: the compostable sugarcane bowls just weren’t cutting it.
  • Our guarantee: that the food is on point in regards to taste and preparation from the cha-shu being torched to order, the green onions being thinly and consistently chopped, to proper plating.

a few images from the event

Our promo below used for our website, Facebook, and Instagram.

Picture yourself here eating ramen or on a yacht eating shrimp, your choice.

If you by chance have a yacht, invite Taniguchi Ramen and it’ll be a win win. If not, see you on Wednesday, August 7th at 5:00pm at:

  • Prost Brewery Co. and Biergarten: 2540 19th St, Denver, CO 80211

Be sure to follow Prost Brewery at @prostbrewingco


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